Having completed general nursing training in Australia over 20 years ago, I then moved to the UK to work in sales. I carved out a successful career in business management but by my mid forties, like a lot of people, I started thinking about a slight change in pace. Almost by accident....inspiration hit! I had never been shy in experimenting with the newest fads in beauty, but in particular I really loved getting my semi permanent makeup done. I was fascinated by it and completely fell in love with the opportunities it offered. From the gorgeous pigments to the constantly advancing technology, equipment and techniques....its just life changing.  So using my clinical experience in medical, and my passion for all things beauty, I have thrown myself into helping all of my clients achieve the best 'every day' look they can achieve.' 

'Medical training and experience as well as my passion to create beautiful enhancements gives my clients the confidence and reassurance to take the steps to achieve their beauty goals'.

I did my training with and continue to train with the renowned Clinical Academy in Portsmouth. If you just want to have a chat about how I can help, drop me a line...I work from the Maple Tree Salon in Bagshot Surrey. 

'My clients enjoy their treatment in a private, professional and comfortable environment using the highest standards in application, technology and hygiene.'