What to expect

Many people have different expectations of what a semi-permanent make-up treatment entails. I’ve given you a brief overview below so you know what to expect if you book an appointment with me.  

The Patch Test

The patch test is a really important step in this process and shouldn’t be missed. It allows me to test both my local anaesthetic and the pigments that I use in my treatments. Allergic reactions are very race but they can sometime occur so this is why I like to patch test all my clients.  

I like to patch test my clients in person and this usually takes place as part of your FREE consultation. It’s a great opportunity for us to have a chat about what you would like to achieve with the treatment.

Your first appointment

By this point, we would have had your consultation and completed your patch test and I will have a clear outline of what you are hoping to achieve with your semi-permanent makeup treatment.  


  • We will discuss the thickness and colour of your required eyeliner.  I will then apply local anaesthetic 10 minutes before we start the treatment. I will also apply local anaesthetic throughout the treatment to ensure you are comfortable at all times.


  • When doing lips, there is more discussion of colour and I often find it helpful if you bring along lipsticks so I can gain an understanding of the colours you like and have in mind for your treatment. I can also mix up a custom colour for you if you’d prefer. 
  • I will then apply local anaesthetic 15 minutes before the treatment. 
  • I will then draw round your lips with a pencil and then start tattooing your lip line on first before starting with the colour infill.


  • In our consultation, we will distinguish whether you would like hair stroke brows or a powder effect. 
  • With eyebrows, we have to identify the right colour so I may place some pigment on your forehead so we can see what colour works with your skin tone and sometimes I mix a custom colour up for you. 
  • I will draw the outline of the brows on using specific measurements to ensure they are even. The outline can sometimes look daunting (see image below) but this is simply a guide for the hair strokes to start and to ensure both brows are even. 
  • With this treatment, I apply anaesthetic 15 minutes before I start to tattoo and throughout the treatment to ensure you are comfortable. 

During and after the treatment

As I mentioned above, I will always apply local anaesthetic throughout the treatment to keep the area comfortable for you and numb! Individuals can sometimes find the anaesthetic cream stings a little but this soon stops.  

What to expect after the treatment:  


  • Your eyelid may swell and the swelling can come and go over the first 48 hours. If you have your treatment in the evening, you may find that your eyes are a little crusty in the morning but this is nothing to worry about. Only clean your eyes, using a damp clean cotton pad. 
  • I will provide you with full aftercare instructions to follow. 


  • Your lips are very likely to swell after treatment particularly if you have had a full colour infill. They will stay swollen for 48 hours but will then go down. Some individuals love the fullness that they get post tattooing! 
  • They often feel a lot worse than they look so please don’t worry and again I provide you with full aftercare instructions to follow.


  • Freshly tattooed eyebrows sometimes leaves the colour sat on the skin, rather than in the skin so the colour may appear around 40% darker than your final colour will be.
  • Your eyebrows can appear darker for around 7 days after your treatment. 
  • You may have redness and feel slightly sensitive around the brows, which usually decreases within 24 hours.
  • I provide all my clients with full aftercare instructions at your appointment so you know what to do when you leave.